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hi, my name is nick briz && i'm a new_media artist / educator / organizer living + working in chicago, IL

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"Nick Briz is a Chicago-based new media artist, educator, and organizer. Briz teaches at the Marwen Foundation and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, has shown his work internationally, and is the co-founder of the GLI.TC/H conference. While all of that is undeniably impressive, I must say I knew Briz was a genius when I first saw “Apple Computers,” a powerful affront against Apple and a manifesto for the prosumer of our age."

"Copy this Drive stands thus in stark contrast with the historical function of the artist as a privileged reader of a hidden reality that he chooses to reveal in a more or less accessible way. In this case the value is in the extreme accessibility of the data: the artist is totally undressed in front of his audience. He makes the public an active participant in all the resources that are available [...]"

neural magazine
"A New Ecology provokes the viewer to reconsider the mutually constructive nature of human identity and technology. [...] it has become part of the artist's responsibility to loudly and unapologetically use their work as a signpost for issues relating to technology's intrusion on our identity."

— Carli Vierke, Negotiating Corporeality, Negotiating Identity
(the University of British Columbia)
"The end result, How To/Why Leave Facebook, is nothing short of revolutionary. The video essay format in which he delivers his thesis, complete with screen grabs and relevant images, raises the bar for online academia. The entire presentation is impressive [...] The performance is obviously rehearsed, but overall casual. In the video essay, Briz has found a format that presents information in a way that is more urgent and personal than text on a screen, without ever coming off as twee or kitsch.""

the State Press
"What Briz does with his hypermedia essays – from ‘How To / Why Leave Facebook’ and ‘Apple Computers’ – is combine structuralist art with deconstructionist theory to empower and activate the viewer. In around twenty-five minutes the viewer can go from student to practitioner.Here are my own first few attempts, two of which I made whilst watching and pausing Briz’s four-part online tutorial (Thoughts on Glitch[Art]v2.0). While my own beginnings amount to little more than a few minutes of humble data bending, the result – however artful and whether or not desirable to others – is that I have become a truly active participant in Briz’s art project. [...]

[...] But the structural elements of Briz’s hypothesis is only half way there – where things get really exciting is when he moves into a discussion on how “technology is not neutral”. Taking down the likes of Apple and Facebook – by which I mean revealing certain intricacies within their policies and structures that restrict freedoms for users and putting that up on an equally powerful platform (YouTube) with the intention of arming viewers to potentially become activists – is not only bold but it’s a specific, calculated and very clever way of using the contemporary capitalist system to reveal the inherent problems and obstructions to freedoms that those very systems create and protect, which, incidentally, is something underground, DIY and avant-garde forms of filmmaking have also historically purported to achieve.""

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