Beware the Copyright Troll!

“How you might get sued for re-posting on the web!” My latest article for Fnewmagazine is on Copyright Trolls – specifically Righthaven LLC, which has been getting a lot of bad wrap for their more than questionable methods: What, you may ask, is a copyright troll? The copyright troll is to intellectual property what the [...]

DRM && Net Neutrality

Here’s a couple articles I wrote for Fnewsmagazine re-capping this summer’s [US] interwebz legislation – the first is an expansion of a post I put up a while back on the DRM exceptions (legally jailbreaking iphones, etc.) the second is an attempt to clear up some of the Google/Verizon Net Neutrality mess:

EFF – Fair Use Victory!

It’s a tumultuous time for digital rights, after the passing of the Digital Economy Act in the UK and Bill C32 which Hollywood Canada is attempting to pass, it’s surprising and encouraging to see a victory for “fair use” in the states – arguably the biggest bullies in the digital rights fiascos. Today (thanks to [...]