[pix && vid] documentation from spamm dulce

Helena Acosta, Miyo Van Stenis & Michaël Borras ( Systaime ) curated another rad iteration of spamm (one of my most fav net art wwweb gallery endeavors) + including an IRL exhibition at the Museo De Arte Contemporaneo de Caracas, Venezuela. >>> http://dulce.spamm.fr/ <<< my piece A New Ecology for the Citizen of a Digital [...]

[pix && vidz] documentation from (ᴳ̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̐litch) Art Genealogies @LEAPBerlin

Rosa Menkman (friend/collaborator/influence) + co-curator of a show I was recently in (ᴳ̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̐litch) Art Genealogies (co-curated w/Daniel Franke && John McKiernan ) at LEAP Gallery in Berlin, recently shared lots of great documentation from the show ++ including this great feature from arte from the exhibition program: exhibition @LEAP BERLIN | Facebook Event | 19.03.2113 [...]


I’m in an online/executable show up right now 4URA GALLERY a project by Kevin Carey, “exploring the relationship between 2D and 3D digital space.” There’s some really great worx/artists including Ryan T Dunn, Sandra Araújo, Anthony A Dunn, Theodore Darst, Nick Kegeyan, Chris Little, Devin Mawdsley and ɱɨƙɍ↻ȿ↺ƥɧƫ 兎 >> here’s some screen caps below (though [...]

Glitch Moment/ums @furtherfield [08 June - 28 July ]

My Glitch Codec Tutorial is currently up && running at Furtherfield Gallery in London for Glitch Moment/ums an exhibition featuring worx by some of my fav folks in the glitch-o-verse: Alma Alloro, Melissa Barron, Benjamin Gaulon, José Irion Neto, Antonio Roberts && Ant Scott, organized by Rosa Menkman, Alessandra Scapin && Marc Garrett. Glitch Moment/ums [...]

[pix && vidz] documentation from Digital Texture && Remix-It-Right

some of this is a little old… but, here’s some documentation from a couple recent shows. I had a video in this show Digital Texture, along side some other great net art folks, organized by Matthieu Delourme. The shows online at http://www.monaddigital.net/ and had an IRL opening at the Nomade Gallery, Hangzhou, CHINA >> pix [...]

Hail Mary Update [SPAMM, NO-MEDIA, 0p3nr3p0, etc...]

…ok, haven’t blogged in a while, it’s been a kind of intense semester… but the summer is finally here (windows open, cool breeze in כhitown) and so in the interest of posterity… here’s the last couple months re:cap >>> exactly two months ago, Jason Soliday + Jeff Kolar + myself hosted the first NO-MEDIA event [...]

Apple Computers: new video for @joncates REMIX-IT-RIGHT @filmcenter

As part of Conversations at the Edge (at the Gene Siskel Film Center) jonCates is organizing a screening of worx from the Phil Morton Memorial Archive along side remix’d worx from the archive by contemporary new media artists (including worx sourced from an open call on the screenings tumblr). This Thursday (March 7, 8 pm) [...]

DVD Dead Drop #5 @MovingImageNYC » BEST OF Fach & Asendorf Gallery @fa_g (Feb 8 – Mar 14)

I’ve got a piece on the latest [super packed] DVD Dead Drop, a (previously unreleased… && unfinished) arware project. If you’re in Astoria, NYC between the 8th of Feb && the 14th of March stop by the Museum of the Moving Image with a blank DVD and get yourself a copy (bring an xtra DVD for [...]

Sharing my thoughts [&&vid] on @gltich karaoke @MC_IMR

This week In Media Res is hosting a week long chat on ‘Glitch Media’ lead by Evan Meaney + w/posts by Simon Tarr + Shawné Holloway + A. Bill Miller + myself. I’ll be posting on Friday: “there’s a huge noise in the middle of this: the ha[ng]ppenings of Glti.ch Karaoke” >>> video below:

Interactive Arts & Media Visiting Lecture: Jon Satrom & Nick Briz

jon.satrom and I will be sharing our wurrrk + chatting about our involvement in the glitch art community && co-organizing the GLI.TC/H conference/festival/gathering @Columbia College tomorrow!!! Free + open to all, come and chat WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 7 AT 7:00PM WABASH CAMPUS, #150 916 S. WABASH, CHICAGO, IL, CHICAGO