Chris Cuellar @Upgrade!Chicago

Tuesday, October 4 · 7pm @the Nightingale Theatre [1084 N. Milwaukee Chicago, IL] Chris Cuellar is a Los Angeles (previously Chicago) based new-media artist, writer and provocateur. His works occupy various media simultaneously including www, installation, social-media and printed texts. His pieces, occasionally brain-busting but often conceptually simple, deal with themes of digital identity, distribution of [...]

GLI.TC/H 20111 Needs Your Help!

If it hasn’t yet hit any of your lists and/or feeds, GLI.TC/H 20111 is happening! But we need your help!!1 █▄┘DO iT TO_GATHER! GLI.TC/H was a simple idea that was hatched upon the notion of folks gathering together and engaging/chatting/debating the issues/theories/concerns of failure, systems, art, && glitches. We were able to realize this gathering [...]

Copy Conundrums: Nick Briz FVNMA Grad Lecture

Hey everyone, I’ll be giving my noon lecture / testing some art(soft)ware at SAIC (112 S Michigan) in room MC 314 tomorrow (4/20 12pm). You should drop in if you’re free *(Mix Master Mickey drawing by Eric Garcia)

Coldplay Song Generator v1.1 @Dorkbot Chicago

I’ll be sharing my Coldplay Song Generator at Dorkbot Chicago tonight [7pm @Enemy: 1550 N. Milwaukee Ave 3rd Fl.] and I’ve updated the piece for the presentation. I fixed some bugs, cleaned up the patch, and added some stuff. The new version includes the source for both Max/MSP and Puredata. You can download a zip [...]

Eye & Ear Clinic 10.29.10

48th Ann Arbor Film Festival 16mm Touring Program FRIDAY OCT 29 – Round Table @4pm Screening @5pm The 48th AAFF Tour 16mm Program includes Chicago resident Jim Trainor’s “The Presentation Theme” (Winner of the Stan Brakhage Film at Wit’s End award), as well as Robert Todd’s “Golden Hour” (Winner of the No Violence Award 48th [...]

GLI.TC/H updatez

From the GLI.TC/H/BLOG: T.RASHB.IN is an online component of the GLI.TC/H gathering/conference/festival where folks can upload static images and glitch art. The HTTP://T.RASHB.IN is a fork of the HTTP://OP3NFR4M3W0RK.ORG project with added gremlin (dis)functionality. Contribute your glitch artworks to this ever-growing, populist, plug-and-play, digital-noise/glitch-art online gallery! Feed your images to the hungry gremlins or simply add a prime number [...]


33 Days till GLI.TC/H 2010 Chicago – the blog is up ( && the bots crackin’ keep your readers trackin – more updates real soon.