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thnx to Daniel Rourke for the in-depth convo >> excerpt below: DR: I can read your work as a network of attempts to intervene in the course of things (for better or worse; with aesthetic, technical and/or social results). But the role of human intent in that disruption is trickier to determine. You motivate subjects [...]

Art21: guest post#4: A Good Engineer [interview w/Todd Bailey]

my 4th and final post for art21: A Good Engineer [interview w/Todd Bailey] Within the underground, DIY and circuit bending communities of Chicago, NYC and elsewhere Todd Bailey is the name associated with the 8bit sampler/kit WTPA (Where’s The Party At) and other unique home-brew electronics. For the last decade, Bailey’s activities have also found [...]

Art21: guest post#3: Pop Culture Pirate [interview w/Elisa Kreisinger]

My third post for the Art21 blog is up: Pop Culture Pirate [interview w/ Elisa Kreisinger] Elisa Kreisinger is a video remix artist, writer, curator and educator whose work often addresses feminist, queer, and social issues. While there is a long history of appropriation based political critique in the arts, and though many of these [...]

Art21: guest post#2: Work Smarter, Not Harder [an interview w/Evan Roth]

My second post for the Art21 blog is up: Work Smarter, Not Harder [ interview w/ Evan Roth ] Evan Roth is a prolific producer whose activities take on many different forms, including teaching, collaborating, engineering, collecting gifs, analyzing graffiti, enriching the public domain, developing tools of empowerment and raising awareness of issues pertaining to [...]

Art21: guest blogger [first post: Interview w/ Evan Meaney]

I’m guest blogging for the Art21 blog this week and recently published my first post: A Better Ghost [Interview w/ Evan Meaney]. I’ll be posting a few more interviews like this one on their blog throughout the week. — Evan Meaney is an artist, curator and educator currently teaching time-based media design at the University [...]