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Dearest Glitchsters, Thanks to everyone who participated in GLI.TC/H both virtually and physically! It was an amazing five days which will go down in fractured glitch historie[s]. We invite you to contribute to and/or  reminisce in the documentation of the event found via links on our home page (http://gli.tc/h) to our flickr, youtube, vimeo, and [...]

GLI.TC/H updatez

From the GLI.TC/H/BLOG: T.RASHB.IN is an online component of the GLI.TC/H gathering/conference/festival where folks can upload static images and glitch art. The HTTP://T.RASHB.IN is a fork of the HTTP://OP3NFR4M3W0RK.ORG project with added gremlin (dis)functionality. Contribute your glitch artworks to this ever-growing, populist, plug-and-play, digital-noise/glitch-art online gallery! Feed your images to the hungry gremlins or simply add a prime number [...]


33 Days till GLI.TC/H 2010 Chicago – the blog is up (http://gli.tc/h/blog) && the bots crackin’ keep your readers trackin – more updates real soon.

A New Ecology for the Citizen of a Digital Age @Axiom(Boston) Tonight!

My piece “A New Ecology for the Citizen of a Digital Age” will be part of “Refresh” an exhibition curated by Yuri Stone at the Axiom Center for New and Experimental Media! http://axiomart.org/ Info: Opening Reception: Friday, July 23rd, 2010 | 6:00 – 9:00 pm This Friday, July 23rd, join us for the opening reception [...]

Entropic elasticity: Critical Glitch Artware && the demoscene

http://www.furtherfield.org/displayreview.php?review_id=391 So, in internet days this is way old news, but I figured I’d post it up partly as a way of ushering this blog into existence and partly because it was such an awesome event and such an awesome article (Rosa Menkman was definitely the perfect writer for the job)