Art + Copyright [@interARTive issue #50]

Some of my work && txts on Piratical Practices are included in interartive’s latest issue onArt + Copyright along side some rad folks. Check out sum of my piratical artwarez here + txt here. More nfo here: “Following the interdisciplinary nature of InterArtive, the selected texts and artworks intend to give an overview –as complete as possible- of the phenomenon [...]

Apple Computers: new video for @joncates REMIX-IT-RIGHT @filmcenter

As part of Conversations at the Edge (at the Gene Siskel Film Center) jonCates is organizing a screening of worx from the Phil Morton Memorial Archive along side remix’d worx from the archive by contemporary new media artists (including worx sourced from an open call on the screenings tumblr). This Thursday (March 7, 8 pm) [...]

Diamonds ( Green Screen Version )

Nick Briz (2012) copy<it>right && rotoscoped by Andrew Briz DOWNLOAD MOV HERE …here you go internetz, don’t tell Oliver Laric, don’t want him to think I’m jocking his styleand/or copying his swagger, yawl know how net artists get these days. send me your remixes! Web Artists Are Furious At Rihanna And Azealia Banks – “Rihanna’s performance of “Diamonds” on Saturday [...]

Understanding Remix: an open letter to Brad Troemel

Dear Brad, Having written an article entitled The Word “Remix” Is Corny and publishing it on the Internet (home of the remix, in the contemporary sense of the word) I’d imagine you were hoping to incite some rebuttal, so I’ll take the bait (apologies for not having launched this flame war sooner… but it’s tough [...]

Disney’s copyright balls

The other day my friend @joshbillions gave me a small gift, a Mickey Mouse moleskin-style notebook. On the front cover there’s an image of the classic Mickey waving his hand up, gesturing towards the background… a collection of US Patents (presumably patents owned by the Disney Corporation). I had to stop for a minute, before [...]

SampleChest v1.1 [download] #PiraticalPractices

It’s a little overdue, but I just got around to updating SampleChest—a critical artware && creative piracy tool for creating video sample libraries by ripping videos from today’s richest AV cultural repository, YouTube.  It was recently brought to my attention that SampleChest had stopped working… seems YouTube changed some details on their end, so I figured [...]

Neural + Hacktivism

Excited to be included among projects like Extrafile and Phone Story in the Hacktivism News section of the latest issue of Neural. You can read the article here.

Sample Chest v1.0 [download] #PiraticalPractices

[UPDATE - UPDATE - UPDATE: version1.0 no longer worx - get the latest v1.1 here] part of a “Creative Piracy Suite” of [art]ware I’m slowly working on, Sample Chest v1.0 is a stripped down version of an app/patch I made using Max/MSP (w/ a little python) for creating video sample libraries by ripping videos from [...]

Art21: guest post#3: Pop Culture Pirate [interview w/Elisa Kreisinger]

My third post for the Art21 blog is up: Pop Culture Pirate [interview w/ Elisa Kreisinger] Elisa Kreisinger is a video remix artist, writer, curator and educator whose work often addresses feminist, queer, and social issues. While there is a long history of appropriation based political critique in the arts, and though many of these [...]

Art21: guest post#2: Work Smarter, Not Harder [an interview w/Evan Roth]

My second post for the Art21 blog is up: Work Smarter, Not Harder [ interview w/ Evan Roth ] Evan Roth is a prolific producer whose activities take on many different forms, including teaching, collaborating, engineering, collecting gifs, analyzing graffiti, enriching the public domain, developing tools of empowerment and raising awareness of issues pertaining to [...]