documentation from a recent performance @ tritriangle

8/26/2013 >> “Get Lucky – in the style of Daft Punk” >> thnx to Ryan T Dunn && Joseph Yolk Chicocchi for the footage : )

Coldplay Song Generator v1.1 @Dorkbot Chicago

I’ll be sharing my Coldplay Song Generator at Dorkbot Chicago tonight [7pm @Enemy: 1550 N. Milwaukee Ave 3rd Fl.] and I’ve updated the piece for the presentation. I fixed some bugs, cleaned up the patch, and added some stuff. The new version includes the source for both Max/MSP and Puredata. You can download a zip [...]

Coldplay Song Generator (for Andy)

/* UPDATE there’s a new version of this here. */ So my brother Andy describes my tastes as “weird and exotic”. When it comes to music, my brother is not so into my “experimental” interests and would much rather prefer a group like Coldplay, one of his favorite bands. While I love pop music I [...]

Remember Spirit Bomb?

Dear Orlando & elsewhere friends, For those who attended Spirit Bomb shows in Orlando, specifically the last one, you might remember that right before playing the last song we would ever play together Chris promised everyone a copy of the album that we where supposed to have brought to that show (as it was our goodbye/CD release show), [...]