Function uhLaLa, new piece for @ForagePress

last summer I made an #interactive #executable #demoscene #www video for a Yung Pharaoh track ( uh la la ) for Forage Press, which has now officially been released on the wwweb ^___^. Forage Press is an online publication which “invites creatives across the globe to produce original and exclusive artwork that is inspired by a [...]


I’m in an online/executable show up right now 4URA GALLERY a project by Kevin Carey, “exploring the relationship between 2D and 3D digital space.” There’s some really great worx/artists including Ryan T Dunn, Sandra Araújo, Anthony A Dunn, Theodore Darst, Nick Kegeyan, Chris Little, Devin Mawdsley and ɱɨƙɍ↻ȿ↺ƥɧƫ 兎 >> here’s some screen caps below (though [...]

Art + Copyright [@interARTive issue #50]

Some of my work && txts on Piratical Practices are included in interartive’s latest issue onArt + Copyright along side some rad folks. Check out sum of my piratical artwarez here + txt here. More nfo here: “Following the interdisciplinary nature of InterArtive, the selected texts and artworks intend to give an overview –as complete as possible- of the phenomenon [...]

DVD Dead Drop #5 @MovingImageNYC » BEST OF Fach & Asendorf Gallery @fa_g (Feb 8 – Mar 14)

I’ve got a piece on the latest [super packed] DVD Dead Drop, a (previously unreleased… && unfinished) arware project. If you’re in Astoria, NYC between the 8th of Feb && the 14th of March stop by the Museum of the Moving Image with a blank DVD and get yourself a copy (bring an xtra DVD for [...]

Conversations at the Edge Archives on Vimeo!

This is a treasure trove for anyone into experimental media work! I used to work for CATE (Conversations at the Edge) while going to grad school at SAIC + have long awaited the day these would go online. I captured + edited plenty of these tapes and thus have watched many of them + can [...]

Diamonds ( Green Screen Version )

Nick Briz (2012) copy<it>right && rotoscoped by Andrew Briz DOWNLOAD MOV HERE …here you go internetz, don’t tell Oliver Laric, don’t want him to think I’m jocking his styleand/or copying his swagger, yawl know how net artists get these days. send me your remixes! Web Artists Are Furious At Rihanna And Azealia Banks – “Rihanna’s performance of “Diamonds” on Saturday [...]

SampleChest v1.1 [download] #PiraticalPractices

It’s a little overdue, but I just got around to updating SampleChest—a critical artware && creative piracy tool for creating video sample libraries by ripping videos from today’s richest AV cultural repository, YouTube.  It was recently brought to my attention that SampleChest had stopped working… seems YouTube changed some details on their end, so I figured [...]


Here’s a piece I recently finished on the subject of ‘the New Aesthetic’. It’s an executable-essay / open-source javascript artware-library for quick [re]production of ‘New Aesthetic’ compositions and related new-media art tropes. I initially came at this from a pretty critical (dare I say dismissive) point of view, with what was sopposed to be a kinda [...]

Art21: guest post#3: Pop Culture Pirate [interview w/Elisa Kreisinger]

My third post for the Art21 blog is up: Pop Culture Pirate [interview w/ Elisa Kreisinger] Elisa Kreisinger is a video remix artist, writer, curator and educator whose work often addresses feminist, queer, and social issues. While there is a long history of appropriation based political critique in the arts, and though many of these [...]

Art21: guest post#2: Work Smarter, Not Harder [an interview w/Evan Roth]

My second post for the Art21 blog is up: Work Smarter, Not Harder [ interview w/ Evan Roth ] Evan Roth is a prolific producer whose activities take on many different forms, including teaching, collaborating, engineering, collecting gifs, analyzing graffiti, enriching the public domain, developing tools of empowerment and raising awareness of issues pertaining to [...]