GLI.TC/H updatez

From the GLI.TC/H/BLOG: T.RASHB.IN is an online component of the GLI.TC/H gathering/conference/festival where folks can upload static images and glitch art. The HTTP://T.RASHB.IN is a fork of the HTTP://OP3NFR4M3W0RK.ORG project with added gremlin (dis)functionality. Contribute your glitch artworks to this ever-growing, populist, plug-and-play, digital-noise/glitch-art online gallery! Feed your images to the hungry gremlins or simply add a prime number [...]

Changes in Cuba

—– I’m not quite sure what to make of recent events/changes in Cuba. While I want to remain optimistic, my skeptical side always takes precedence on these issues. Earlier this summer the Archbishop of Havana announced the release of 52 political prisoners. While the popular media saw this as “good news” the Cuban blogosphere (the [...]

DRM && Net Neutrality

Here’s a couple articles I wrote for Fnewsmagazine re-capping this summer’s [US] interwebz legislation – the first is an expansion of a post I put up a while back on the DRM exceptions (legally jailbreaking iphones, etc.) the second is an attempt to clear up some of the Google/Verizon Net Neutrality mess: