UbuWeb & Intellectual Property

As you may or may not know, UbuWeb was “hacked” a couple weeks ago, if you tried going to the site what you saw was the image above. This sparked a big discussion online. The question, however, was not, “who hacked it and why?” but rather, “is this a good thing or a bad thing?” [...]

Eye & Ear Clinic 10.29.10

48th Ann Arbor Film Festival 16mm Touring Program FRIDAY OCT 29 – Round Table @4pm Screening @5pm The 48th AAFF Tour 16mm Program includes Chicago resident Jim Trainor’s “The Presentation Theme” (Winner of the Stan Brakhage Film at Wit’s End award), as well as Robert Todd’s “Golden Hour” (Winner of the No Violence Award 48th [...]

Chicago Public Access

ExTV @ SAIC on CANTV two of my pieces, Vernacular of File Formats – R3M1X and Critical Glitch Artware Category .doc[umentary], will air on CANTV Chicago public access – Episode 1 of a series of shows by SAIC grads organized by ExTV – there’s gonna be a lot of great work shown, so if you’re [...]

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//click for Faith Wilding

A Part of the Change: The role of social media in activism

A little late, but here’s my article for Fnewsmagazine in response to Malcolm Gladwell’s piece in the New Yorker: Malcolm Gladwell, author of the “Tipping Point” and writer for the New Yorker, has caused a bit of an on-line ruckus with his latest New Yorker piece, “Small Change: why the revolution will not be tweeted.” As the [...]


Dearest Glitchsters, Thanks to everyone who participated in GLI.TC/H both virtually and physically! It was an amazing five days which will go down in fractured glitch historie[s]. We invite you to contribute to and/or  reminisce in the documentation of the event found via links on our home page (http://gli.tc/h) to our flickr, youtube, vimeo, and [...]

Beware the Copyright Troll!

“How you might get sued for re-posting on the web!” My latest article for Fnewmagazine is on Copyright Trolls – specifically Righthaven LLC, which has been getting a lot of bad wrap for their more than questionable methods: What, you may ask, is a copyright troll? The copyright troll is to intellectual property what the [...]

Coldplay Song Generator (for Andy)

/* UPDATE there’s a new version of this here. */ So my brother Andy describes my tastes as “weird and exotic”. When it comes to music, my brother is not so into my “experimental” interests and would much rather prefer a group like Coldplay, one of his favorite bands. While I love pop music I [...]