Diamonds ( Green Screen Version )

Nick Briz (2012) copy<it>right && rotoscoped by Andrew Briz DOWNLOAD MOV HERE …here you go internetz, don’t tell Oliver Laric, don’t want him to think I’m jocking his styleand/or copying his swagger, yawl know how net artists get these days. send me your remixes! Web Artists Are Furious At Rihanna And Azealia Banks – “Rihanna’s performance of “Diamonds” on Saturday [...]

Interactive Arts & Media Visiting Lecture: Jon Satrom & Nick Briz

jon.satrom and I will be sharing our wurrrk + chatting about our involvement in the glitch art community && co-organizing the GLI.TC/H conference/festival/gathering @Columbia College tomorrow!!! Free + open to all, come and chat WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 7 AT 7:00PM WABASH CAMPUS, #150 916 S. WABASH, CHICAGO, IL, CHICAGO

Glitch Codec Tutorial [preliminaries]

this is long overdue, but here are some screen recordings from the preliminary steps of the Glitch Codec Tutorial: (from March,2010) A couple years ago a colleague accused me of “killing my art” in a public presentation of the Glitch Codec Tutorial (GCT). Though my intention was to encourage others to engage with their computers at [...]