I’m in an online/executable show up right now 4URA GALLERY a project by Kevin Carey, “exploring the relationship between 2D and 3D digital space.” There’s some really great worx/artists including Ryan T Dunn, Sandra Araújo, Anthony A Dunn, Theodore Darst, Nick Kegeyan, Chris Little, Devin Mawdsley and ɱɨƙɍ↻ȿ↺ƥɧƫ 兎 >> here’s some screen caps below (though [...]

Glitch Moment/ums @furtherfield [08 June - 28 July ]

My Glitch Codec Tutorial is currently up && running at Furtherfield Gallery in London for Glitch Moment/ums an exhibition featuring worx by some of my fav folks in the glitch-o-verse: Alma Alloro, Melissa Barron, Benjamin Gaulon, José Irion Neto, Antonio Roberts && Ant Scott, organized by Rosa Menkman, Alessandra Scapin && Marc Garrett. Glitch Moment/ums [...]

[pix && vidz] documentation from Digital Texture && Remix-It-Right

some of this is a little old… but, here’s some documentation from a couple recent shows. I had a video in this show Digital Texture, along side some other great net art folks, organized by Matthieu Delourme. The shows online at http://www.monaddigital.net/ and had an IRL opening at the Nomade Gallery, Hangzhou, CHINA >> pix [...]