[pix && vid] documentation from spamm dulce

Helena Acosta, Miyo Van Stenis & Michaël Borras ( Systaime ) curated another rad iteration of spamm (one of my most fav net art wwweb gallery endeavors) + including an IRL exhibition at the Museo De Arte Contemporaneo de Caracas, Venezuela. >>> http://dulce.spamm.fr/ <<< my piece A New Ecology for the Citizen of a Digital [...]

Artist Profile on Rhizome.org

thnx to Daniel Rourke for the in-depth convo >> excerpt below: DR: I can read your work as a network of attempts to intervene in the course of things (for better or worse; with aesthetic, technical and/or social results). But the role of human intent in that disruption is trickier to determine. You motivate subjects [...]

[pix && vidz] documentation from (ᴳ̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̐litch) Art Genealogies @LEAPBerlin

Rosa Menkman (friend/collaborator/influence) + co-curator of a show I was recently in (ᴳ̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̐litch) Art Genealogies (co-curated w/Daniel Franke && John McKiernan ) at LEAP Gallery in Berlin, recently shared lots of great documentation from the show ++ including this great feature from arte from the exhibition program: exhibition @LEAP BERLIN | Facebook Event | 19.03.2113 [...]