Coldplay Song Generator (for Andy)

/* UPDATE there’s a new version of this here. */

So my brother Andy describes my tastes as “weird and exotic”. When it comes to music, my brother is not so into my “experimental” interests and would much rather prefer a group like Coldplay, one of his favorite bands. While I love pop music I some times take a critical stance on artists that rely too much on formulas. This is a stance my brother often dismisses with, “sure, sure, it’s too conventional for you”, which he’ll say with extreme sarcasm every time. One day we had an argument friendly debate about Coldplay and whether or not the band was “formulaic” – this ended with me sitting at a piano banging out improvised Coldplay tracks, while my brother rolled his eyes…

So, because I’m stubborn and never let these kinds of arguments go, I made a “Coldplay Song Generator.” It’s an application I wrote in Max which generates completely new/random Coldplay tracks based on certain conventions (keys, tempos, song structures, arpeggios, etc). You press “spacebar” to start playing music, by default Coldplay’s song “clocks” plays. Then you press “N” to randomly generate new Coldplay songs. Enjoy it Andy ;)

Download the application: (for Windows) (for Mac)

Download source:

Here are some examples of random tracks made with the generator that I thought sounded particularly convincing so I recorded them (note: every time you hit “N” the generator will create a new song, and disgard the one it was previously playing, so the only way to keep songs is to record it while it’s playing).

Randomly Generated Coldplay Song 1
Randomly Generated Coldplay Song 2
Randomly Generated Coldplay Song 3
Randomly Generated Coldplay Song 4
Randomly Generated Coldplay Song 5

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