A Part of the Change: The role of social media in activism

A little late, but here’s my article for Fnewsmagazine in response to Malcolm Gladwell’s piece in the New Yorker:

  • Malcolm Gladwell, author of the “Tipping Point” and writer for the New Yorker, has caused a bit of an on-line ruckus with his latest New Yorker piece, “Small Change: why the revolution will not be tweeted.” As the title suggests, Gladwell isn’t buying into all the hype which praises Twitter and similar social networks as revolutionary. You may have heard of the “Twitter Revolution” where ten thousand people protested the communist regime in Moldova. Or you might have heard of another “Twitter Revolution” in Iran, where people protested against perceived irregularities in their elections. Or maybe you heard when tweets spread news of the Chinese earthquake before any news organization or even the U.S. Geological Survey caught wind of it. For these reasons some, like Mark Pfeifle, have gone as far as to say that Twitter deserves a Nobel Peace Prize. (…)

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