Remix Class @SAIC

Next semester (Spring’11) I’ll be teaching an undergraduate seminar at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago entitled: Piratical Practices: Appropriation and Remix Culture in our Technological Times. If you’re an SAIC undergrad looking for English credits you should sign up =D  It will be held on Tuesdays  (6 – 9pm), registration code  is 1035 and the official listing is ENGLISH 1005  section 025. I’ll be posting the syllabus in the near future (though I can email a copy now to anyone interested) Course description:

  • This course will serve as an introduction to contemporary remix practices (memes, digital-folk, participatory culture, etc.) through the works and writings of artists and critics such as Negativeland, DJ Spooky, Nicolas Bourriaud, Girl Talk, Oliver Laric, Lawrence Lessig, and Cory Doctorow, who take these issues as their primary concern. We will consider the way these practices have informed a new kind of literacy (media-literacy). In doing so, we will examine the development of  new technologies, which have enabled the appropriation and free sharing of information, as well as copyright law which, as many critics suggest, has stifled creativity in favor of corporate interests. This course will provide a framework in which students will be asked to critically engage with these concerns by partaking in an online discourse (via blogs, file-sharing, and social media), as well as relate these issues back to their own artistic practices. Since many of these issues are subject to ongoing debate in the media, this course will also provide students with the critical thinking abilities necessary to filter through these media sources, scrutinize their arguments, and develop complex arguments in response through a fundamental understanding of information economies, networked cultures, and intellectual property regimes.

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