Introducing the Martin Arnolizer

The Martin Arnolizer is an application I made on MAX/MSP which lets you recreate your favorite Martin Arnold films/effects/experiences in realtime. All you have to do is drag and drop a video clip into the Martin Arnolizer and use your arrow keys to repeat frames, skip/stutter through the clip, and flip the image vertically and/or horizontally, its so easy!  Some may be unfamiliar with Martin Arnold’s process. He would work on his films intensely for months — Piéce Touchée, which is only 16 minitues long, took him a year and a half to make! He would write scores(as long as 200 pages), similar to music compositions, and work from that on a delicate optical printer he made himself.

  • “The cinema of Hollywood is a cinema of exclusion,reduction, and denial, a cinema of repression. In consequence we should not only consider what is shown, but also that which is not shown. There is always something behind that which is being represented, which was notrepresented. And it is exactly that that is most interesting to consider.” —Martin Arnold

-the lite package is just the Martin Arnolizer
-the full package includes the Martin Arnolizer application as well as the source files and a clip from To Kill a Mockingbird.
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  1. yes!
    03:11 » “BAi!”,”Ya, so, that’s how it works…”

  2. the link to donwload doesn’t work anymore!!!!please!! it looks so good…++

  3. o it’s ok ….cool++

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