Sample Chest v1.0 [download] #PiraticalPractices

[UPDATE - UPDATE - UPDATE: version1.0 no longer worx - get the latest v1.1 here]

part of a “Creative Piracy Suite” of [art]ware I’m slowly working on, Sample Chest v1.0 is a stripped down version of an app/patch I made using Max/MSP (w/ a little python) for creating video sample libraries by ripping videos from today’s richest AV cultural repository, YouTube. It’s a variation on an app I made for my students, in a video remix course I taught this summer, which they would use to quickly download videos and build their own sample libraries for video remixing.

DOWNLOAD: [SampleChest v1.0] +++ []

if you’re a Max/MSP person, you can also download the source-files and incorporate this patch into your own video-app projects. Make sure you read the README file for some important set-up instructions before appropriating the patch into your projects.

sadly, I only really have this working on Mac, but if you’re a PC Max person and can remix this patch into a PC version please send me a copy. Also, if any Pure Data people can appropriate some of this into a PD version that would be super rad! Please share that if it happens.

thnx to Mark Beasley, youtube-dl team, phihag and Bill Orcutt

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