Remember Spirit Bomb?

(photo by James Hicks)

Dear Orlando & elsewhere friends,

For those who attended Spirit Bomb shows in Orlando, specifically the last one, you might remember that right before playing the last song we would ever play together Chris promised everyone a copy of the album that we where supposed to have brought to that show (as it was our goodbye/CD release show), shortly after that the five of us ended up in five different cities, and what was nearly finished got tossed to the back burner.

So, albeit long overdue, here’s our only recorded studio record (and by “studio” I mean Willi’s pretty fantastically wired home, and by “record” I mean zip file.)

There’s two versions of this you can download:

the “Lite” version:
this file just contains the six tracks + album art

the “Full” version:
In this one, along with the tracks, we’ve added a few videos from particularly sentimental shows and some “bonus” tracks from practice sessions (songs that could have been, but alas never were). This version is a bit bigger (i.e. longer download time) but its worth it.

This album and all its contents are licensed under the Creative Commons
Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License so copy it, torrent it, share it, remix it,

So thanks to everyone that cares enough to give it a listen, and thanks to all our friends who came out to all the shows and played with us all those times and made Orlando and Uncle Lou’s sucha magical place =]

check out a cool vid here
check out some sweet pics here
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