featured artist @pivotartgallery

I’m xcited to be the featured artist this month at pivot art gallery, an independent online project curated by Peter Hayes, which features my new project theNewAesthetic.js as well as some of my glitch videos + some of my artware/artgames/remix projects. From the post:

  • A ‘glitch’ is generally defined as an unexpected and/or temporary malfunction of equipment or code. Glitch Art takes the errors caused by these malfunctions and aestheticizes them. This area of art specialization takes a very wide range of forms and there are many different techniques used to create it. It is often the result of controlled accidents and chance is a large influence.
    Featured artist Nick Briz works in a wide variety of mediums — all of which are informed by glitch. From a video game played in a browser, to videos, to computer programs written to help disperse glitch tools and techniques across the internet, Briz actively engages in the glitch discussion and is a vital contributor to the scene. His work is provocative and engages the eyes, ears and intellect while encouraging active participation.
    The broader conversation around Glitch Art and its role in a possible New Aesthetic is filled with differing opinions as to its validity, its importance, its legality and everything in between. Briz confronts the conversation and contributes to it in a way that enlarges the discussion and gently provokes on all fronts. This is one of the strengths of his work – the ability to simultaneously create and criticize. He brings smartness without an attitude, playfulness, and a great sense of openness to the conversation. By openly sharing all his processes and data (even his entire hard drive in one piece), he reveals a refreshing confidence and enthusiasm.



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