SampleChest v1.1 [download] #PiraticalPractices

It’s a little overdue, but I just got around to updating SampleChest—a critical artware && creative piracy tool for creating video sample libraries by ripping videos from today’s richest AV cultural repository, YouTube.  It was recently brought to my attention that SampleChest had stopped working… seems YouTube changed some details on their end, so I figured I’d take the opportunity to update the Terms of Use as well… cause that’s how this works right? New version means new agreement?


  1. i hereby agree that [conventional] notions of originality are myths + that the cultural products i produce [both in content && concept] are [re]combinations of [pre]existing ideas + that any feelings i may have to the contrary are simply cases of cryptomnesia + that i recognize any future work i produce to be undiscovered public knowledge.
  2. i understand [historically] that the laws of what we now call intellectual property have been developed by institutions of power who have sought to maintain control over information && culture to further their own agendas + that the invention && development of these laws have had little to do with what we [traditionally] call authorship
  3. economically, i understand my ideas [+any digital manifestation they may take] to be a non-rivalrous good—that is to say, that additional units can be infinitely copied/shared at no cost && that any [re]use can not prevent any prior/existing use—and as such should be shared freely for the moral and mutual instruction of wo/man + that any restrictions on [re]use would impose inefficient && unnatural scarcity.
  4. piracy is a refusal to comply with the established forced scarcity agenda. piracy is a compositional prerogative. piracy is-not plagiarism nor is it imposterism + attribution is key to this distinction—not in the interest of maintaining [conventional] notions of authorship—in the interest of deep linkage && participatory culture[s].
  5. i hereby forfeit any intellectual property—imposed on me by any copyright regimes—on any cultural products I may render from the use of this artware + if i choose to share my cultural products i will do so without any restrictions on its [re]use.

You’ll have to “agree” to those before using the app… every time you launch it ^_^ — DOWNLOAD THE APP HERE

+ also, I started a repo for the source-code here, it’s got a more detailed README w/instructions for how to get this working in Max/MSP (i.e. incorporate the functionality into your own Max projects). If folks are interested in that + hav sum troubles, send me an email.



6 Responses to “SampleChest v1.1 [download] #PiraticalPractices”

  1. no readme in there mate

  2. in the zip. how exactly does it work?

  3. left out the readme this time >_ double click > click on ‘start ripping’ > paste URL of the YouTube video you want. Folder should appear on your desktop called ‘Free Culture’ your video will be in there :) ++let me know if you hav any trouble with it

  4. How does this differ from an in browser plug such as videodownload helper for Firefox? Cheers.

    PS. I really want to be able to rip some other sites like the NFB and Vice :D

  5. they’re very similar… however there are some key differences, technically && ethically.

    On a technical side the browser plugins are exactly that, extensions to a pre-existing application (the browser), Sample Chest is its own application (and thus can be scripted + leveraged in different ways), its also open source and well documented (and thus can be incorporated into other applications/projects, as was the case with GoldMosh)

    on a political side, Sample Chest foregrounds a particular politix (via the interface, name, licence agreement, etc) that the plugins (at least none I have seen) do not… this is perhaps most important :)

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