Disney’s copyright balls

The other day my friend @joshbillions gave me a small gift, a Mickey Mouse moleskin-style notebook. On the front cover there’s an image of the classic Mickey waving his hand up, gesturing towards the background… a collection of US Patents (presumably patents owned by the Disney Corporation). I had to stop for a minute, before I realized how ridiculously layered and ironic this was. If you know anything about copyright you probably know that Disney is (in large part) responsible for the absurdist draconian copyright mess we’re in now. This is the company that threatened to sue a small daycare center in FL out of existence if they didn’t remove the Mickey Mouse painting on the wall (you know, cause families driving down from Georgia might get confused and end up at the daycare center instead of the Magic Kingdom).
It’s funny, Mickey Almost looks like he’s bragging about all his intellectual property. If this isn’t intentional, then they are (as Jonathan Lethem suggests in the Ecstasy of Influence) in ‘disnial.’



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  1. Anything you write in there becomes Disney’s intellectual property. Happy Halloween!

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