Glitch Codec Tutorial [preliminaries]

this is long overdue, but here are some screen recordings from the preliminary steps of the Glitch Codec Tutorial: (from March,2010)

A couple years ago a colleague¬†accused me of “killing my art” in a public presentation of the Glitch Codec Tutorial (GCT). Though my intention was to encourage others to engage with their computers at a level which would reveal system/media politix that often go unnoticed… he felt I was ruining the mystery and enabling others to produce lots of bad glitch art on youtube. There’s no escaping bad datamoshed youtube videos (with or without the GCT), and while many folks see the GCT as a method for producing ‘em, I hope most viewers are considering the <embeded> ideology:

(conversation on the GCT comment thread)

It’s been really rad to meet && chat with glitch artists/enthusiasts via comments && emails pertaining to the GCT + it’s been xciting to see the interesting projects others have developed using the GCT: everything from feature length experimental narratives to AR installations!

one question that’s come up a few times is, are there any preliminary steps? This usually comes from Ubuntu users wanting to follow along on their own systems (i.e. not using the .ISO). The answer is yes, there are a few preliminary steps, I left this out of the GCT in the interest of keeping it accessible (only focusing on the important part, i.e. hacking codecs and the politix therein). That said, I dug up screen recordings from a couple years ago where I go through all these preliminary steps, downloading the ffmpeg source and compiling the ‘glitchcodec’ from it.

+ folks interested in trying to set this up on other operating systems might also benefit. Quick disclaimer, this isn’t’ a ‘proper’ tutorial, it’s raw screen recordings from the compiling process… that said, I think it’s pretty straight fwd. So have at it:

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