Art + Copyright [@interARTive issue #50]

Some of my work && txts on Piratical Practices are included in interartive’s latest issue onArt + Copyright along side some rad folks. Check out sum of my piratical artwarez here + txt here. More nfo here:
“Following the interdisciplinary nature of InterArtive, the selected texts and artworks intend to give an overview –as complete as possible- of the phenomenon of copyright and the free culture movement as its counterpart. The content of this special volume raises the issue of copyright in relation to programming, music, digital culture, but also in the context of science and biology –copyright laws applied in medicine and life itself. At the same time, it highlights the issue of appropriation as a means of creating culture: although artistic creation and scientific research had always been based on the achievements of the past, today’s remix culture projects the value of creation as a ‘yeast’ for subsequent transformations.”



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