Hail Mary Update [SPAMM, NO-MEDIA, 0p3nr3p0, etc...]

…ok, haven’t blogged in a while, it’s been a kind of intense semester… but the summer is finally here (windows open, cool breeze in כhitown) and so in the interest of posterity… here’s the last couple months re:cap >>>

exactly two months ago, Jason Soliday + Jeff Kolar + myself hosted the first NO-MEDIA event (at Tritriangle) (or technically the second NO-MEDIA event… the ‘pilot’ was organized by Jason at the last GLI.TC/H 2112) The premise is this: artists w/any kind of performative discipline (realtime A/V, jazz, dance, expanded cinema, noise, comedy, spoken word, etc) sign up. They get randomly paired w/two other performers at a random point in the evening (no one knows when or who until their names show up on the screen). They perform for 10mins. You’re not allowed to prepare any material (bring what tools/gear/props you want but there’s NO time set aside for preparation) and there’s NO documentation.

Meredith Kooi wrote and article about the event for Bad At Sports. The third NO-MEDIA was held last week at Defibrillator + we’re planning another one for mid summer, so keep your eyes on the tumblr if you’re interested in signing up for one, or just coming to watch! ++ visit the tumblr for full list of past performers.

Shortly after that first/second NO-MEDIA the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago held it’s last Internet Superheroes event for the season: Glitch Art 0P3NR3P0.NET Share Fest, which was an IRL installation of the 0p3nr3p0 (another GLI.TC/H spin-off project I’ve continued working on with Joseph Yolk Chiocchi) >> 0p3nr3p0.net is an open/public repository of glitch art worx; a modular art/archive project serving multiple goals + still undergoing some development. You can check out all the worx shared at the MCA here: http://0p3nr3p0.net/mca_archive.html ++ here’s some video documentation of the event that found its way to youtube:

0p3nr3p0‘s next venture will be yet another IRL installment, this time at Furtherfield Gallery in London. That’ll be on June 8th, but we’ve already started accepting (open) submissions, so hit up the repo if you’ve got glitch worx to share or if you just want to check out the worx thus far: the growing lineup for the furtherfield show can be found here: http://0p3nr3p0.net/furtherfield.html

In early April I traveled to Savannah Georgia for the FATE (Foundations in Art: Theory and Education) Conference + gave a talk on Social Media && Digital Ecology… by which I mean looking at social media not simply as a tool or communications platform but also as an environment + how understanding these systems grant us agency w/in them + how I take this perspective/position when teaching wwweb histories, theories && tech in my Wired: Creative Code + Advanced Web course in the Contemporary Practices department (SAIC’s foundations department). I don’t think there’s any documentation from the talk, but my presentation notes are available here: http://nickbriz.com/other/fate/

…and speaking of Wired + Contemporary Practices, on April 12th we held ArtBash, our end of the year exhibition of first year student worx and it was fux’n amazing!!! ++this year we held a speed show style event to exhibit wwweb worx made in our Wired classes, you can check those out here: http://wwwired.net/speedshow/ (site design by Wired student Paula Nacif )

The following week I went to Notacon (with nearly the entire SAIC New Media department, faculty && students) which is a super rad hacker conference held out in Cleveland Ohio. There’s a long story behind why I think this event is so amazing (…part of that story is documented in a video I made the last time I attended Notacon in 2010)… but this is perhaps beyond the scope of this already very long blog post. I will say it was awsum, and that I debuted lots of new work as SkeumorFX; a purist skeuomorphic design democrew (jon.satrom + myself), artifacts from this project should be finding its way onto the internetz soon…

I should mention one more thing re:Notacon… there was talk of this being the last (after 10years)… which neadless to say made me very sad, but there is hope that it will continue!!! However, they need some help/support in order to make that happen. Notacon is also home to PixelJam, the only (that I know of) midwest demoparty (the demoscene being an extremely rad/important fringe digital art scene) >>> Please help keep it alive: http://www.notacon.org/1674/notacon-going-forward/

…ok, lastly: some of my solo-worx hav-been/are-being shown around. My prosumer manifesto / video essay Apple Computers had a few screenings following the opening at the Gene Siskel in March, including at LEAP berlin as part of the (Glitch) Art Genealogies + at the University of Florida as part of UFLEX: Situational Cinema + the Axis International Art Festival + this really rad screening called Relax + Watch in Kansas City curated by Eric Fleischauer in a laundromat!

I also recently made a short video essay about missingNo (a glitch I have a very personal connection with) for SPAMM’s latest show: Safari , curated by La Turbo Avedon && Michaël Borras A.K.A Systaime >> I’m super stoked to be included in this, I’m a big fan of SPAMM’s last two shows ++ the other artists showing are some of my favz :D



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