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…from petitions to combat the secretive ACTA initiatives to the heated comments made by Canadian Heritage Minister James Moore towards those who dare oppose the C-32 (Canada’s new copyright bill) to the even more heated comments found in the filings of the Viacom Vs. Youtube billion dollar lawsuit, this summer’s intellectual property & digital rights bonanzas are off to quite a start. My favorite stink so far (and one I had to share) is a letter ASCAP recently sent out to all it’s peoples. This comes from composer Mike Rugnetta via BoingBoing:

Ok, so as a music consumer/creator, even IF this meant the fall of the record industry (which it doubtfully does) to say that it would be the end of music is just completely absurd, rest assured our music repositories aren’t “drying up”. I mean this is crazy, saying that Creative Commons, Public Knowledge, and the EFF are  these companies with “deep pockets” that want to steal ASCAP’s music and make it all “free.”  The irony here is that these groups ASCAP labels as “copy-left” are really more a “copy-middle”, which to my knowledge have never claimed ASCAP’s (or anyone’s) music should be free, but rather have advocated for the creator’s right to determine for his/herself what the details of their “intellectual property” should be (be they free, partly free, or not free at all). They side with the independent creators of works rather than the multi[non]national media conglomerates which have always sought to control and absurdly monetize cultural products. My favorite line is, “We fear that our opponents are influencing Congress against the interests of music creators” I could only  hope that these groups will one day have the kind of influence over Congress ASCAP “fears” …the sad reality is that those conglomerates which run the industry have been “influencing Congress against the interests of music creators” for years already.

Here’s part 2 of that letter, the part they ask for money. Poor ASCAP, just trying to help us lowly musician’s out like they always have, by asking for more money, lest we forget what happened last time they tried to double license fees *cough* BMI* …speaking of, just as a final thought, how much does Creative Commons charge for their new progressive licenses and all the work that went into developing them?

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  1. I cannot believe this letter ASCAP sent, it is ridiculous and evil. Well said Briz!

  2. update: CC’s response:

  3. update:
    EFF response+link to other responses:

    Lawrence Lessig response + challenges ASCAP president Paul Williams to a debate:

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