Art21: guest blogger [first post: Interview w/ Evan Meaney]

I’m guest blogging for the Art21 blog this week and recently published my first post: A Better Ghost [Interview w/ Evan Meaney]. I’ll be posting a few more interviews like this one on their blog throughout the week.

  • Evan Meaney is an artist, curator and educator currently teaching time-based media design at the University of Tennessee. His practice dives into the “liminalities and glitches of all sorts, equating failing data to ghosts, seances and archival hauntology.”At the moment Meaney is hard at work experimenting with the super computing team at Oak Ridge National Laboratories as well as preparing for this years GLI.TC/H noise and new-media gathering. He is also just about to release his Ceibas Cycle DVD, a series Meaney has been working on for the last five years.

Glitch Codec Tutorial

—finally finished and set free on the internet. I’ve been working on this process/tutorial/workshop/video/pdf for almost two years and I’m excited to say it’s finally complete. Previously I’ve given the Glitch Codec Tutorial as a real-time IRL workshop, but its final (virtual) form includes tutorial/essay videos, a pdf and an .iso download of the DVD. Visit the site HERE.

Huge thanks to everyone who helped with this, especially Ben Chang, jonCates, and Nic Collins.

Mix Master Mickey [download]


Mix Master Mickey is a creative piracy game and media literacy tool for kids of all ages. It lets you easily rip videos from the internet to use as source footage to remix/cut-up/sample/play with in real-time. It’s free software I made with art by Eric Garcia. You can download Mix Master Mickey along with the source code above. Watch the video bellow for more info.

*NOTE: Mix Master Mickey needs to run from your Applications folder to work properly.

Copy Conundrums: Nick Briz FVNMA Grad Lecture

Hey everyone,
I’ll be giving my noon lecture / testing some art(soft)ware at SAIC (112 S Michigan) in room MC 314 tomorrow (4/20 12pm). You should drop in if you’re free :)
*(Mix Master Mickey drawing by Eric Garcia)

sVideo Capture Glitches

So I was working on my Glitch Codec Tutorial Videos and I came across this peculiar glitch. I was sending sVideo out of my Toshiba Satellite running my moded Ubuntu into a Sony HDV capture deck. Every time I would open up a video clip the screen would glitch out for 2 to 3 frames. The glitch was in part your standard blocky capture glitch (the kind of pattern that shows up when you fast forward your camera while capturing from it), but it also had this beautifully colorful (analog?) spill. It would screw with the colors (making them extra saturated) and create these really organic-spill patterns. This is a first for me, if anyone’s got similar capture glitches please share ‘em :)

Coldplay Song Generator v1.1 @Dorkbot Chicago

I’ll be sharing my Coldplay Song Generator at Dorkbot Chicago tonight [7pm @Enemy: 1550 N. Milwaukee Ave 3rd Fl.] and I’ve updated the piece for the presentation. I fixed some bugs, cleaned up the patch, and added some stuff. The new version includes the source for both Max/MSP and Puredata. You can download a zip file with the application + source code here

Firesheep: Hacking Someone’s Facebook Has Never Been Easier.

So if you haven’t heard, there’s a firefox plug-in called “firesheep” which makes the already easy process of “session jacking” or “sidejacking” even easier. I wrote a small bit about it for

  • It’s no secret to some that your personal information is exposed to the entire WiFi network when you log into your Facebook at your local cafe. However, acquiring the cookies that contain this private information was a skill once reserved for expert “sidejackers.” Despite this, plenty of popular websites remain vulnerable to sidejacking, among them are most social-networking sites. What’s out of site is out of mind.

read the whole article here.

Duck Feed – HTML5 Game

My new game: Duck Feed

Growing up in South Florida, surrounded by canals, ducks were as common as pigeons. When I was a kid my grandparents would give my sister and I a piece of bread to feed the ducks outside. We did this every time we visited my grandparents… immediately after that I’d go inside and play Duck Hunt on my uncle’s NES (which I later inherited).

So I guess this game is a kind of “mash-up” of this childhood dichotomy. It’s also my first experiment in HTML5 + online game. It works (theoretically) on multiple platforms/browsers. If anyone notices any bugs (especially on tablets and smart-phones) let me know.

Check out the game here

The source is all JavaScript + HTML5, Download the Source Code here ++ powered by IMPACT, a pretty amazing HTML5 game engine.

Source Hypocrisy

Jeff Koons sues small San Fransisco gallery and store over balloon-dog bookends… that’s probably all I need to say. The absurdity is loud enough — symptomatic of the copyright-crazed world we live in. Wrote about it for FNews:

  • “The balloon-dog shape is perhaps the most common of all the balloon animals, crafted daily by magicians and clowns at children’s parties all over the world. In addition to making cute bookends, this particular shape is also the subject of a number of Koons’ sculptures. For that reason, Koons has ordered the store to stop selling the bookends, send them all to him, and disclose the creator of the product and how much money had been made thus far.”

read full article


(via my blog-post at

Last month I wrote an article regarding SAIC Alum Jeff Koons threatening to go after Park Life, a small San Francisco store, for copyright infringement. The item in question was a pair of bookends in the shape of balloon dogs. Koons, who has built his entire practice (and fortune) on appropriation, didin’t take too kindly to this, claiming that the balloon dog shape, after having been appropriated into a steel sculpture, belonged to him. As absurd as it sounds, this wouldn’t be the first time a giant like Koons takes out the little guy through litigation.

Fortunately, this story has a just ending. Koons and his lawyers have backed off. Park Life, deciding they weren’t going to nervously wait around to see if Koons would take legal action, turned the tables and sued Koons, “asking the court to declare that Park Life wasn’t infringing on Mr. Koons’s [intellectual property] rights.” Koons’ lawyers decided not to put up a fight, especially after all the humiliation Koons received via disgruntled internet bloggers. They said so long as Park Life doesn’t try to attach Koons’ name to the product they wouldn’t take legal action. This shouldn’t be a problem considering they hadn’t done so and were never planning on it. Looks like David beat Goliath and his deep pockets.

Link to Park Life’s statement.

Introducing the Martin Arnolizer

The Martin Arnolizer is an application I made on MAX/MSP which lets you recreate your favorite Martin Arnold films/effects/experiences in realtime. All you have to do is drag and drop a video clip into the Martin Arnolizer and use your arrow keys to repeat frames, skip/stutter through the clip, and flip the image vertically and/or horizontally, its so easy!  Some may be unfamiliar with Martin Arnold’s process. He would work on his films intensely for months — Piéce Touchée, which is only 16 minitues long, took him a year and a half to make! He would write scores(as long as 200 pages), similar to music compositions, and work from that on a delicate optical printer he made himself.

  • “The cinema of Hollywood is a cinema of exclusion,reduction, and denial, a cinema of repression. In consequence we should not only consider what is shown, but also that which is not shown. There is always something behind that which is being represented, which was notrepresented. And it is exactly that that is most interesting to consider.” —Martin Arnold

-the lite package is just the Martin Arnolizer
-the full package includes the Martin Arnolizer application as well as the source files and a clip from To Kill a Mockingbird.
see source