Diamonds ( Green Screen Version )

Nick Briz (2012) copy<it>right
&& rotoscoped by Andrew Briz

DOWNLOAD MOV you go internetz, don't tell Oliver Laric, don't want him to think I'm jocking his style and/or copying his swagger, yawl know how net artists get these days. send me your remixes!

Web Artists Are Furious At Rihanna And Azealia Banks - "Rihanna's performance of "Diamonds" on Saturday Night Live this weekend took most people by surprise, mainly because she was singing in front of a green screen instead of the show's usual stage for musical guests. A small number of Web artists were in for a bigger surprise, though, as their visual aesthetic was co-opted entirely by the singer without consultation or credit." > Buzzfeed

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"But to claim that we, all of us, are not a part of this mutation process ourselves is the kind of lie that is unproductive, different than the creative, productive lie I mentioned before. We have to embrace mutation in all it's forms if we embrace it at all. From net kids giving new meaning to the emptiness of commercial space, to art directors getting it wrong but thus getting it right. This is an exciting cycle that is also painful, like life." > Jacob Ciocci