How To / Why Leave Facebook

saving all "photos of you"

facebook often updates their source code, so the code below will eventually stop working, i've occasionally updated the code below but it's a little tricky for me to stay up to date as i'm no longer active on facebook. that said if any other fb-hackers write up any updates/alternatives && are willing to share, send 'em my way && i'll post ur code + credit here! thnx
(last update Feb 27, 2018)

while facebook gives u the option to Download a Copy of ur data, this doesn't include photos others have uploaded && tagged you in. below r steps && code for quickly downloading a local copy of all these photos

first ( in google chrome ) open ur javascript console ( View > Developer > Javascript Console ) or ( command + option + j ) && copy+paste the code below ( UPDATED by Ted Davis ) && press 'enter' to quickly auto scroll / load all the images:

when the page stops scrolling && u've reached the bottom, copy+paste the next bit of code below && press 'enter'

this will remove everything in the page && replace it with all the large versions ( jpg ) of the photos ur tagged in. last thing u gotta do is File > Save Page As... ( Webpage, Complete ) && u'll have a local copy of all these jpgs.