How To / Why Leave Facebook


( && unfriending all ur friends )

facebook often updates their source code, so the code for removing activity below may no longer work, i've occasionally updated the code below but it's a little tricky for me to stay up to date as i'm no longer active on facebook. that said if any other fb-hackers write up any updates/alternatives && are willing to share, send 'em my way && i'll post ur code + credit here! thnx

below r ( UPDATED ) steps && code for removing all ur activity from facebook ( deleting photos, untagging urself from other photos, unliking, removing comments, unfriending, etc. ) w/cleaner code graciously modified by Seth @subimage

below that is the code for a more performative/cathartic way using javascript and max/msp to unfriend all of ur friends ( see video below for more details )

removing all ur activity

in facebook, go to ur activity log and show "All" or pic a sub-section to filter by ( Photos, Likes, Comments, Search, etc. )

( in google chrome ) open ur javascript console ( View > Developer > Javascript Console ) or ( command + option + j ) && copy+paste the entire jquery library into ur console + press 'enter'.

next copy+paste the code below into ur console && press enter

after that you can enter leaveFacebook(); into ur console to remove ALL of ur activity, however if u'd like to specify what u'd like to remove u can enter it w/the corresponding parameter like leaveFacebook('Unlike'); or leaveFacebook('Unfriend'); or leaveFacebook('Report/Remove Tag'); etc.


pixelgrease left a comment on YouTube which might help those that noticed some of their likes lingering even after u run all the scripts

Unfriending Auto-Performance Code

this second method is a performative + much more cathardic approach to unfriending all ur friends, u'll need to be familiar with Max/MSP + u'll need to download a ( free ) third party object called aka.mouse developed by Masayuki Akamatsu.

copy the code i wrote here && in Max/MSP click on FILE > NEW FROM CLIPBOARD

you should see something like this in your Max/MSP window

this patch will control ur mouse so that it automatically clicks && unfriends your friends for u ( while u sit back && watch ). the first two "moveto" message moxes control the position of the mouse relative to the friends button, this will likely have to be edited so that the coordinates match your screen's. use the second bang button to check where the mouse lands ( also use the aka.mouse "Help" file to learn more about it ).

then go to ur friends page and scroll down so that the top of your first friend box lines up with the top of your browser. then copy+paste the code below to ur javascript console ( do not press enter, the max patch will handle this part )

when u have ur max patch properlly callibrated and the javascript pasted in the console click the top bang button >> this will enter in the javascript function ( which auto-scrolls ) and will loop the unfriending-mouse action.

NOTE this is very glitchy, facebook will occasionally refresh itself, so u’ll likely have to quit the max patch ( by clicking the patch and hitting the “esc” key ) and start over again.