Appropriation and Remix Culture in our Technological Times

First of all, when I read “intellectual property (IP)’, I thought it meant as “internet protocol” for a moment.  As I read through the paragraph the article, I realized it’s about the tangible property that is in our daily lives.  It was very interesting to read this week’s article this week because I never knew about intellectual property specifically before reading the article. Since technology and science are increasingly thriving people have made rules to apply patent on every aspect of science. But it is also to protect the flourishing science in advance. Surprisingly many organizations such as universities, science and innovation are making into its own property and resell to the public. For instance, human genes are actually being patented nowadays and marketed in the public. It is just shocking that even human organism is being commercialized and people are taking advantage for gaining money. But it was relieving that the writer addressed that people are concerning about this intellectual property issues. Also, emphasizing how science impact on our society and the importance of science in information age. Hope there’s a better way to balance between needs of science and people who needed of science products.

i wonder if a scientist patents a certain type of birth defect, will baby new borns with that defect be sued? maybe their parents..
i agree with Sulton’s statement that patents does not encourage inventions, but suppresses them. If i wanted to invent a laser toaster as an addition to an iphone, i wouldnt be able to because i would have to copy or modify the phone. My hopes would be crushed because my intention was not to develop a new phone, but to add to the iphone. I do not want to design a new phone, i just want a laser toaster in an iphone. the idea might be stupid but its the only example that comes to mind.
Limiting scientist to rely on the 80% of genes for further development is very greedy, considering that that the other 20% of genes that are patented might lead to the development of new scientific discoveries.

Clearly being able to patent scientific information is detrimental to the general advancement of people.. However because of the commercial aspect and corporations being driven by profit, this must create competiveness that motivates scientist to produce the newest ideas possible. A happy medium would need to be meet that could allow the science community to share certain broad or large-scale concepts, while protecting other smaller ideas more in relation to a company’s specific field. Also eliminating certain aspects of large corporations contracts with their scientist, such as allowing them to work on off company projects would be helpful.

I definitely consider re-cut trailers to be a type of remix art. It’s funny how music and narration can totally change the feel of the trailer. It was funny and interesting to watch. I particularly liked the 10 Things I Hate about Commandments… that’s something I would totally watch. YouTube and the way video is readily available to anyone at home has opened new doors to remix art and it’s something everyone and anyone could do. It’s cool how this stuff is spreading and I am down to see some more re-cut trailers in the future ! I’ll keep my eye out for some to post on the blog!

It was just a matter of time.

I found the topic of General Web Content very entertaining. I remember my Research teacher in my freshman year showed me a few of the videos that represented inappropriate art. It is really amazing. Nowadays these types of videos and graphic remixed art created a new cyber art culture and the neologism General Web Content. People collected the general web content and categorized it into different types. This video art work made it easy for people regardless of how old they are, to create videos and use programs.  People who are not artists can create videos and anyone can have access to YouTube. So the general art content became a part of popular culture and dispersed quickly worldwide. I think I found it more interesting to the general web content because I’m very interested in films and video arts. I liked the YouTube remixing tools especially crossfaders. It was my first time seeing it and very new to me. It’s the most convenient way to DJ. I saw similar videos where people appropriated Korean media and made it hilarious. Also, I found on YouTube, a famous Korean children animation sound track replaced the music from the Single Ladies music video by Beyonce. The music matched the movement of dances and the soundtrack rhythm.

Single Ladies and Korean animation soundtrack:

Orignial Animation with Soundtrack:

Most videos were comical and clever in some way. All the videos were appropriated in an uncanny way. The originality was ruined and distorted in an entertaining way.

Hey! Here are some videos about this weeks’ reading, as well as the news clip that talks about the copyright claim on “Total Eclipse of the Heart”, and the link to Hipster Hitler…

Youtube Video Un-banned

\”One Week\” literal version

Hitler Rap

General Web Content was entertaining I really enjoyed most of the stuff on the series of blogs. So were do I start I guess I will start at the beginning with the Microsoft Songsmith. I would have to say that this was the one out of the series that I didn’t find entertaining or enjoyable in any way. I could only listen for about 30 to 40 seconds before I just went to the next blog.

The next blog about re-cut trailers was great. I convinced my eight-year-old daughter to watch the Shinning from this re-cut trailer (she got me back by waking me up at 4am with nightmares). But I would have to say that the Ten Things I hate About the Commandments was my favorite of the group.

The next blog on the graphs and charts was okay. I found a few of them to be pretty amusing but over all nothing to exciting.

Remixing music videos is hilarious. I remember some of these awful videos and it made my day to see these remixed videos. This is why it is a good thing the MTV doesn’t play music videos anymore.

The Hitler memes and inappropriate soundtracks would not play for me so I wasn’t able to watch any of these videos. But over all this series of blogs are great.