Appropriation and Remix Culture in our Technological Times

I thought these were pretty hilarious. I am making a stop motion animation for my core class and it’s really interesting how a slight change in sound effects/ songs can change the mood of a scene completely. Like going from serious like the Star Wars clip and Something Awful to completely hilarious. I have to say the video for Something Awful was great and I can see how after seeing that someone can find inspiration in it and make more videos with different movies. The Braveheart one really got me too because they take like the most important fight scene in the movie and make it absolutely hilarious with the football song (lol I’m not sure of the actual title). The videos like the Star Wars and The Exorcist one are pretty funny because they added ridiculous songs to them but I think the ones like Close Encounters and Something Awful are a little more powerful because I can picture these really happening. Of course the Pulp Fiction one was funny too because they were dancing to ridiculous songs. I think it’s really cool when someone does something that inspires other people to go out and do something similar. It is like a huge body of work from so many different people. I watched these of youtube and found some more like it but a little different too. One in particular I really enjoyed. It was of one of my favorite childhood movies Home Alone. The guy had edited it to make Kevin seem like a murderer and added some intense music to add to it. I thought it was great because it was like the Inappropriate Soundtracks thing because of the added music but different still because they had edited the film. But it’s just like a spinoff of all the other videos.

I definitely consider re-cut trailers to be a type of remix art. It’s funny how music and narration can totally change the feel of the trailer. It was funny and interesting to watch. I particularly liked the 10 Things I Hate about Commandments… that’s something I would totally watch. YouTube and the way video is readily available to anyone at home has opened new doors to remix art and it’s something everyone and anyone could do. It’s cool how this stuff is spreading and I am down to see some more re-cut trailers in the future ! I’ll keep my eye out for some to post on the blog!

It was just a matter of time.

I found the topic of General Web Content very entertaining. I remember my Research teacher in my freshman year showed me a few of the videos that represented inappropriate art. It is really amazing. Nowadays these types of videos and graphic remixed art created a new cyber art culture and the neologism General Web Content. People collected the general web content and categorized it into different types. This video art work made it easy for people regardless of how old they are, to create videos and use programs.  People who are not artists can create videos and anyone can have access to YouTube. So the general art content became a part of popular culture and dispersed quickly worldwide. I think I found it more interesting to the general web content because I’m very interested in films and video arts. I liked the YouTube remixing tools especially crossfaders. It was my first time seeing it and very new to me. It’s the most convenient way to DJ. I saw similar videos where people appropriated Korean media and made it hilarious. Also, I found on YouTube, a famous Korean children animation sound track replaced the music from the Single Ladies music video by Beyonce. The music matched the movement of dances and the soundtrack rhythm.

Single Ladies and Korean animation soundtrack:

Orignial Animation with Soundtrack:

Most videos were comical and clever in some way. All the videos were appropriated in an uncanny way. The originality was ruined and distorted in an entertaining way.

I will definitely call LOLgraphs another art form developed from the internet culture. All of these graphs are so entertaining. I never thought of graphs used in business or show up in math textbooks can be used this way. The more simple they look, they more humor one gets. I have to criticize some of those flowcharts. I think it’s only me but I think charts and graphs should make a simple and clear image but some of the flowcharts shown are a bit messy and bizarre. I think that’s part of the artist’s purpose. It’s just not the type of graph I like. I like the Pirates and Ninja’s graph the most. The movements of the simple lines and waves totally makes sense and attracted my eyes first sight.

I see a lot of re-cut trailers everywhere on the internet. They are fun to watch and I will call them remix art. I love the fact that now things are much more easy to access online that people can work on things in different ways than before. More stuff come out online and the piece’s original source sometimes is forgotten if the artist did not mention it. The loss of credibility but the wide spread of remix art making create a contradiction. The gain of something means loss of another.

The recut of Sleepless in Seattle doesn’t really give an impression of horror movie. Maybe my sense of horror is different ^_^||| I find the recut of Shining really warm. I just can’t stand stories about family. They always make me feel warm and moved lol I like the recut of 10 things I hate about commandments. It’s funny and made me want to watch it :) The recut of Mary Poppins just gave me creeps. If I want to go see a scary movie and I saw this recut trailer, I think I will go XD  I just feel so sad watching the recut trailer of The Ring T^T hm… When Muppet Attacks… I’m not sure is it a comedy or…? I think it is a comedy. But the background music don’t scream COMEDY.

I like how Boling puts it in his quote, that the line between general web and art web is blurred. I totally agree but think that I won’t take the mocking position as he did. I believe that as this issue do appear in internet culture, it is reasonable. Quoting my dad, “If it exists, then it is reasonable.” Uncanny things can be art. There is no real definition as to what art is. So if this form of art exist on the internet, it means that it is accepted by at least a group of internet surfers.

“Songsmith generates musical accompaniment to match a singer’s voice. Just choose a musical style, sing into your PC’s microphone, and Songsmith will create backing music for you. Then share your songs with your friends and family, post your songs online, or create your own music videos.” I think this is taking karaoke and making it into audio art. Even though it sounds a bit weird, I like the concept and the piece coming out of it.

Hey! Here are some videos about this weeks’ reading, as well as the news clip that talks about the copyright claim on “Total Eclipse of the Heart”, and the link to Hipster Hitler…

Youtube Video Un-banned

\”One Week\” literal version

Hitler Rap

Overall, I liked the posts. I got some great laughs, and was impressed by the creativity involved in the re-mixed videos, music, and images.

I would have to say that my favorite post was the literal music videos. The videos didn’t work on the post. so I tracked down some of my own. There was actually a copyright claim for “Total Eclipse of the Heart”, and the video was taken down by youtube. Fans of the clip wrote in, and youtube re-posted it a couple days later.

The literal music videos I enjoyed the most were the ones that actually portrayed some kind of thought to the lyrics chosen, instead of just listing the things that were happening in the video. One literal video that I found was “One Week” by barenaked ladies. It created scenarios and commentary, and had more thought out ideas overall.

I also liked the re-cut trailers. I thought it was impossible to make The Shining look like a touching family film, or for Mary Poppins to become a horror, but I was impressed. The choice of clips, along with the music and commentary, made them very realistic.

The Hitler meme was interesting to me. I was immediately reminded of Hipster Hitler, and loved the video as well. Setting the clips in today’s world, and then sub-titling the clips with pop-culture issues is hysterical. They turn a serious film into something light-hearted and fun. Youtube also had several other versions of this meme. Whitest kids have a Hitler rap that’s brilliant. Also, for some reason, System of a down’s “Sugar” keeps popping up when I type in “Hitler meme”. I don’t really know why…there’s nothing that hints at him. The entire video just seems to be a political statement about government control.

The postings here were great. The fact that I got to actually see what the post described made it extremely interesting to me. I love the playful nature of memes, and how they twist pop culture into another form of communication. They open up doors for potential, and spark creativity, as well as create a way for people to connect and express ideas. They have become a strong part of today’s society, and help people see things in an entirely new way.

Through all the stuff posted, I thought the re-cut trailers was very interesting.  The way everything is cut and remade into something totally different is very unique.  One genre of a movie turns into a totally different  kind of movie makes it sort of comical too.  For example like the movie The Ring, it became a totally different movie.  The Ring was very scary movie for me however, the re-cut trailer made it very romantic.  The way people are now making re-cuts and making remix versions of things make media more interesting.  I think it is very cool how people make their own thing from something that has been published already.  Not only that, the Microsoft Songsmith is another interesting subject.  The way people could make their voice sound like the singer and make their own music videos is another interesting idea.  Before watching the videos, I never thought it was even possible to do this.  Nowadays, media works are getting more popular then before.  The way media works are being remade is very interesting.  Something new is being remixed from a old work.  It is just like a painting being recreated.  Artists started remaking works from painting and drawings but now that media works are becoming popular more people are being interested in the idea of remaking something from even Youtube clips and videos.  I think it is very interesting to see different Youtube videos being remade.