Appropriation and Remix Culture in our Technological Times

its difficult for me to get into glitch art. it looks interesting, i just feel that there hasnt been much evolution in it, and feel that there might not be a future in glitch. “i know,lol” seemed like a cool community based project, especially with the rise in media in our culture. i disagree with nicole rap, when she(you) said that you cant call it art, and more of being hackers. If people can hack something, and put it out there as a comment, or just for the sake of looking good, its art. Its like music, i mean, what justifies it as art if its just a collection of random sounds, that to us, sound good.

I tried to hack images and video before, and the outcome of it was just as the rest. a couple of frames repeated in different colors and in different locations where they dont belong. opening up the code of an image or video and rearranging it is definitely a type of ritual in some way. being able to spend so much time on something, not knowing what will come out is frustrating sometimes. ive spent countless hours circuitbending and failing at it. once, i found really cool glitches in my casio rapman. i decided to solder pots on the points that reacted interesting, and once i put it back, i lost the response of some keys. glitch can be difficult and requires lots of trial and error. and even with my success on some circuitbending, i dont feel that much different sounds can be made, unless with external devices and add-ons (timers, clocks, oscillators, etc).  glitch for me is definitely and art form, i just have to get into it