Appropriation and Remix Culture in our Technological Times

i wonder if a scientist patents a certain type of birth defect, will baby new borns with that defect be sued? maybe their parents..
i agree with Sulton’s statement that patents does not encourage inventions, but suppresses them. If i wanted to invent a laser toaster as an addition to an iphone, i wouldnt be able to because i would have to copy or modify the phone. My hopes would be crushed because my intention was not to develop a new phone, but to add to the iphone. I do not want to design a new phone, i just want a laser toaster in an iphone. the idea might be stupid but its the only example that comes to mind.
Limiting scientist to rely on the 80% of genes for further development is very greedy, considering that that the other 20% of genes that are patented might lead to the development of new scientific discoveries.

These corporate incentives are so aggravating! Why do these people put money above everything else? You’d think the scientists would know better; I guess ultimately it isn’t their choice, but I’m sure they can understand that only having ONE (specifically American) company do research on this particular gene, or whatever it may be, isn’t the most efficient way to get results that will have global benefits.

And furthermore, how can they patent things which already exist? It’s not like they invented these genes, they discovered them. It wasn’t theirs to begin with. I really don’t think “intellectual property” applies here.

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