Appropriation and Remix Culture in our Technological Times

I love how he puts the remixing of videos is a way of recycling and reusing of them. I searched Oliver Laric online and watched the 787 Cliparts. It is really amazing how he animates people from different culture and with different movements. I cannot believe that is from a digital flipbook of banal stock illustrations! Now he is on my artist (animator) list now. And it is also easy to access due to the development of Internet culture. I totally agree with the over production of materials Liver Laric said in his interview. Using just the things produced from the past few hundred years can create numerous pieces of art or videos. The only problem is that there is so much provided and artists like Oliver Laric have to sniff out which things to use in their own work.

It is amazing how the economic downfall helped the development of remixed videos or movies. I totally like how old films can be used to tell new stories. Even though people try to learn from history and not make the same mistakes, history repeats itself again and again no matter what people do, just in a new form, new time and new place. The use of war documentary films can be compiled to any films that discuss war nowadays, either educational (antiwar) or for propaganda.

Not only films and movies, art work also took on this form of recycling past images and translate into new ones. My own artwork sometimes uses the same strategy and I will just call it collage, because it is similar, the use of other images in either collection or making of art.

I find Salvador Dali being immature. Seriously, some ideas can just come out and they can be similar ones even though from different people. He may have the one who had the idea earlier but he cannot stop another person using the same idea, no matter is it intentionally stolen or unintentionally similar ideas.

I like how Bruce Conner puts the use of different music to translate the same films and movies, manipulating it his own way. “When you can switch from one channel to another. Also, watching TV without sound and adding your own selection of music and other sound.” Also adding TV to the recycling and remixing of videos and movies gives more dimension and possibilities for artists to translate their own ideas in different ways. All this bloomed and exploded when the Internet culture popularized and when films, movies and images are easily accessed online, the remixing of videos and movies and reuse of images become a more accepted way of art or film making (with exception of problems of copyright).