Appropriation and Remix Culture in our Technological Times

Isn’t it great when assignments are basically to look at stuff I’d normally look at to kill some time? Lovely lovely lovely.

Microsoft songsmith was pretty funny, and made me think of some the questions that were asked when you presented the Coldplay Song Generator. To what extent is formula applied in order for music to become successful? Just think about Rebecca Black! The Songsmith is a cool concept, and the songs come out neat, but it can’t really be mistaken for actual songwriting (unlike our good friend R.Black).

Recut trailers were great. It made me think about trailer-ing as an artform, and how important it is for the a film to have a good trailer. Ever watch trailers for movies that look super amazing, and then watch the film and it’s really disappointing? Thats really what these recuts play off.

I didn’t get all the LOLgraphs but I recognized most of them from around the interwebs. I liked the actual pie ones.

Holla to Jake Elliott for the Youtube Remixing! These were interesting, but I didn’t spend too much time on them.

Literal music videos – SO FUNNY! I loved the second one, cause those videos were pretty ridiculous. Reminded me of this really funny literal movie trailer and there’s a bunch of others on youtube, but I like this one the best.

I really love those Hitler movies. The first one I watched was right before my baccalaureate exams (which are notoriously known of their ridiculousness and level or rigor) and it was about Hitler failing the math one. So great, so great.

Finally, the greatest inappropriate soundtrack I’ve seen is this. It’s genius.

All of these are really amazing – its interesting that all the internet remixes rely on humor and internet-users’ short attention spans.