Appropriation and Remix Culture in our Technological Times

This article was a brief summery of  video remixing culture. I really enjoy video remixing, but i cannot really relate to Laric. I think there is  a different quality in sampling video and creating your own.

” …and I don’t understand why few artists still use this material, and why so many still produce their own material, because I have a feeling there’s just too much material produced….I would rather just find the ones that I can use.”

Oliver Laric

I do not think that there could be ‘too much’ material produced. I think that quote made me understand more of his work. His work is great, but i begin to question the idea of ‘maybe he just cannot produce his own?’. That quote seems pretty pessimistic, that he would rather use pre-made things than make his own. Great work can be made from preexisting video and i am all for video remixing, but i still keep in mind the opportunity of making an original video. Last semester i had a sound class with a student who was all about sampling sound, more in specific christian cheesy old audio tapes. The work was good up to an extent, but then made me question his ability of creating and not remixing. Remixing holds its own skill and he was good at it, but i think of what can be more effective to an audience. I remember once we had an assignment to bring a tape loop to class, and forgot mine so i found old scraps on the table and quickly put together a loop. when i presented it, he realized it was one of ‘his’ loops and looked at me and said “dude, those  are ‘MY’ tape loops”, which is very hypocritical to the idea of sampling. I wonder if we can remix the remixed.