Appropriation and Remix Culture in our Technological Times

In the article by Doctorow he attempts to show how complex our current copyright problems are. He talks about far wages for artist paid by government and how this would never work. With this I agree because as much as I would love to be guaranteed an income to many people would jump at this opportunity to quite their jobs and write music and paint.

He also talked about the “Berne Convention” and how the nations that used this where breaking their own laws by allowing blanketed licensing for music to radio stations, karaoke bars, and hairdressers. Then Doctorow went on to talk about the old trying to stifle the new from TV going after the cable companies, then the cable companies going after the VCR and how they always seem to use the defense of no one will buy what they can get for free.

Then he talked about the industries of fashion and architecture having very few copyright protections yet they still seem to be attracting new people into the fields. This to me means that a lack of copyright protection does not stop creative people for creating.

Doctorow suggest the possibility of charging an annual fee in exchange for unlimited downloads when purchasing a MP3 player and rationing out the money to the artists by how many songs of their were downloaded that year. Though I am glad to see that someone is trying to think of way to fix the problem I do not believe this is a viable solution. The reason that I don’t like this idea is because the money will go through the labels before getting to the artist and who to say that it will ever fairly reach the hands of the artists.

In conclusion I think Doctorow is trying to give possible solutions to an impossible problem. The biggest problem is that there are just no good answers. Yes artist should have the right to protect the art and have an incentive to continue creating new art but they shouldn’t have the right to get in the way of others that are attempting to do the same. This is the problem. Both sides are right and wrong.

It is just to complicated a problem to fix without starting over and rewrite the laws. But this leads to another set of problems. As long as we have a system that is set up where the ones with the money and power are the ones who get to right the laws, we the people will never get the true freedom of expression we deserve.