Appropriation and Remix Culture in our Technological Times

i wonder if a scientist patents a certain type of birth defect, will baby new borns with that defect be sued? maybe their parents..
i agree with Sulton’s statement that patents does not encourage inventions, but suppresses them. If i wanted to invent a laser toaster as an addition to an iphone, i wouldnt be able to because i would have to copy or modify the phone. My hopes would be crushed because my intention was not to develop a new phone, but to add to the iphone. I do not want to design a new phone, i just want a laser toaster in an iphone. the idea might be stupid but its the only example that comes to mind.
Limiting scientist to rely on the 80% of genes for further development is very greedy, considering that that the other 20% of genes that are patented might lead to the development of new scientific discoveries.