Appropriation and Remix Culture in our Technological Times

I see a lot of re-cut trailers everywhere on the internet. They are fun to watch and I will call them remix art. I love the fact that now things are much more easy to access online that people can work on things in different ways than before. More stuff come out online and the piece’s original source sometimes is forgotten if the artist did not mention it. The loss of credibility but the wide spread of remix art making create a contradiction. The gain of something means loss of another.

The recut of Sleepless in Seattle doesn’t really give an impression of horror movie. Maybe my sense of horror is different ^_^||| I find the recut of Shining really warm. I just can’t stand stories about family. They always make me feel warm and moved lol I like the recut of 10 things I hate about commandments. It’s funny and made me want to watch it :) The recut of Mary Poppins just gave me creeps. If I want to go see a scary movie and I saw this recut trailer, I think I will go XD  I just feel so sad watching the recut trailer of The Ring T^T hm… When Muppet Attacks… I’m not sure is it a comedy or…? I think it is a comedy. But the background music don’t scream COMEDY.