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how to use Fetch

( to upload files to the SAIC server )

◇ FTP, or File Transfer Protocal, is a network protocal used to transfer files from one host (usually your computer) to another host (usually a server).

◇ applications called FTP Clients provide user-friendly interfaces for connecting to a server and transfering files with FTP, these are like windows into different folders on different servers which you have credentials for.

◇ download FETCH, this is an app (FTP Client) which will funciton like a 'window' into a sever (which is a computer that hosts websites so other folks can access them on their browsers).

in this example we'll use it to log into our foler on the SAIC servers.

First, launch fetch. You'll see something like this...

◇ for Hostname type in: ( that's the SAIC server )

◇ for Username type in your saic user name
◇ in the drop downn make sure to pick "FTP with TLS/SSL"
◇ then type in your password.

◇ if you succesfully connect to the server you'll see a folder called public_html, that's your folder!
◇ double click that to navigate into that folder (you MUST be in this folder or you'll be thrown an error when you try to upload your files)
◇ once your inside the public_html folder, simply drag and drop your .html file and your .gif file into it

Your project is officially on the Internet!!!
to go to your site visit
(replace 'yourname' with your user name && replace 'yourfile.html' with the name of the file you uploaded)



submit your URL here:

if you have any trouble submitting send me an email:

if u had trouble with this assignment don't worry about it...

for technical reasons it has been excused