From the 9 Design Ideas That Shaped The Web from the Book 100 Ideas That Changed The Web, I resonate most with User-Centered Design being the most significant. Although GUI’s entrance to existence and it’s major effect is actually the foundation for everything Internet—also browser—related, I can agree [with GUI already being factored] with Don Norman when he stresses the importance of recognizing that products cannot be designed solely by their inevitable makeup or rudimentary performance needs and says “We must design our technologies for the way people actually behave, not the way we would like them to.” With this, design is not only being introduced as something personal or individualized, but is being introduced at all. Jim Boulton stated, “When the webpage emerged, design was not a factor”—It is in this essential and factual quote that my opinion lies in the User Centered-Design prevailing to the top of 9 other design ideas on a scale of importance. I find it vital for any form of design to be focused on the consumer and formatted for a target market (or ranging market with categorized foci). As someone who is relatively familiar with design in general, I understand that viewers must be taken into high consideration, thus making layout play a very important role. Design without media or recent technological advancements would not and could not be the same; there are limits to what can be done tangibly or even technologically without a sense of being and varying persons that make up our race. The new media of computer graphics has been highly beneficial, speaking “the language of the user”—the competition for presence and attention was described as having been chaotic, but only needed further regulations/order. User-Centered Design is the outcome that emerged from the believed complications and limitations of HTML by, surprisingly, graphic designers themselves. It’s the mere fact and my disbelief that the web and its pages were once so disorganized, entirely lacking elements of design, that design itself oriented by/for the users is the big YES for IMPORTANTE. It is gravely important, and a world without it is one I cannot comprehend or even imagine.