In contemporary society, with rapid development of computer technology, there are a lot of things that made great contribution of it. From my own perspective, the emotions would be the most important thing. Here are my reasons. I have a great interest on the Internet. Just like the other people at my age, my computer and phones are full with the applications like Facebook, twiter, what’s app, line and so on. I spend most of my spare time chatting with my friends so the emotions like Emoji are very important to me. The reason why is that I’m a little bit lazy, therefore I don’t really like typing and another reason is I think the emotions can perfectly represent most of my ideas. While people are chatting on the internet, it’s difficult sometimes to perfectly represent their ideas by just typing under 100 words (which most of the input box has this restriction). However, if you use emotions, this may not happen! Like :), the smiling face, only contains two words, but happy contain five. Also, just like its name, the emotions, so we can use it to represent how we feel, especially some feelings that cannot be described by words. I don’t know much about how the emotions were developed, but I do know how the emotions are invented. A professor at Carnegie Mellon University invented the first emotion by typing :), a smiling face on their university’s dashboard and got huge interested by people. Since then, more emotions were being invented and became quite popular on the Internet around the whole wide world. And is not hard to tell that some of the other products in our daily life also contains the element of the emotions. Generally speaking, the emotions are now becoming one of the most indispensable things in our life, not just on the Internet. There do have many things that help the progress of the Internet, but I think the emotions are the closest to people’s life and the most frequently used. So I think the emotions is the most important.