Are animated gifs a valid medium for artistic expression? simply put, can gifs be art? why or why not? Animated gifs are a valid medium of artistic expression and should be count as art. First of all, creating a gif is just like create any other kind of art.It is a process of inventing and inspiring,using the source pictures to create more possibilities of presenting a new meaning. The ways to make gif include spinning the image, blur the image, and many more. When people are dealing with images to make an gif, he is spontaneously thinking about how to make the end product both pretty and rich in meaning. Moreover, in some way, the process of making a gif is much like making a extremely short film.So if filming is a valid artistic expression, gif should also be one. Even though gifs are mostly short and concise, and might not be able to tell a story, they can be excessively efficient in presenting an idea especially when they are used to make advertisements. Advertisements have to be short and impressive to people so gifs fits best as the medium. Since the goal of art is always to apply techniques in order to present the artist’s idea or useful information to people, gifs suits the purpose of art. Last but not the least, gifs add more colors and much fun to our web life so it should be count as an important medium for artistic expression. Gifs are small but include much more information than plain text or a single picture. They are easy-made and can be extremely creative. And because of the short and concise nature of gifs’, they are easy to send and share. Many times we use them as emoticons to express our feelings. This add much more flavor to the plain text conversation thus shows their artistic value, since art is the flavor add to our life to make it more colorful and interesting.