The Most Important Idea that Shape the Web

By (Cindy)Zixin Zhang 

Out of the 9 ideas that shaped the web, I believe the graphical user interface is the most important and indispensable one. The reason why I like it is not only because of its practicability and creativity, but also because of its role for the future generations like us. Here are the following reasons. 

To begin with, it was the first practical interface that equipped with windows,folders,menus and icons, allowing the users to interact with the computer. Second, the inventor of GUI, Engelbart, was undeniably the innovator during 19th century, who focused on how can computers make human smarter in the first place. Without a doubt, his further breakthrough Xerox Alto quickly became the hot spot that attracted the popular companies at that time, such as Apple and Windows. Only with the help of GUI can Mosaic release the first point-and-click browser, which opened the shortcut for the human to approach smarter life. Eventually, the Internet Explorer browse that using Netscapes original model as reference was invented, allowing the Internet to spread all over the world. 

To sum up, it was GUI that enabled Mosaic to evolve into Netscape Navigator, which amplified the idea that the Web is literally for everyone. It was GUI that started the universal idea, which converted impossible dreams of human into the concrete reality. And it was GUI that makes all the future development possess the playground to study and experiment. Undeniably, GUI was the origin of all the Internet works and derivatives. That was the foundation of all the other web breakthroughs such as the emoticon; graphics interchange format, infographics and responsive web designs. Otherwise, nothing like Facebook, twitter or Instagram will ever exist in our lives. 

Finally, as an artist and designer, or possibly the director in the future, I will definitely have plenty of times to use the computer system enable to accomplish my works. Either by using Photoshop or Illustrator for design, or by using Imovie for film editing, the role of computer become increasingly important for our daily life. And all the stories all begin with the invention of graphical user interface. No matter in the past or the future, the significance of graphical user interface can hardly be ignored by human. That is why I believe the graphical user interface is the most important and indispensable one