Emoticons have helped in shaping society into a friendlier state in socialising online. GIFs have helped making websites visually more pleasing and entertaining. But I think that the most crucial idea that ever helped develop what the web is now today, is the development of embeddable fonts. What is the first thing you see in a website? It is the title. Without an eye catching title, the readers would be logged off before emoticons or GIFs had had the chance to draw attention. Though all 9 ideas were important in shaping the web, I strongly argue that the variety of fonts we see on the internet is the most important factor that supports its website. I suppose the biggest reason why is pretty obvious. Logos and fonts are what catches the audiences eyes, both online and offline. Say that there is an amazing website with useful information that everyone should know of. No matter how important the contents are, if it fails to catch the audiences eyes within the first few seconds, they will not even bother for a second click further into the website.Embeddable fonts draw web surfers into their website. The variations in fonts (titles) are what makes each website unique and distinguishable. If it were not for the embedded fonts, all titles and names would be in the same helvetica font. Imagine Google in helvetica along with Facebook, Skype and Wikipedia. Embedded fonts interrelate with logos, and logos are what makes each web, product, etc. stand out. Website and programs that have to do with socialising have friendlier, round fonts while websites containing news and professional reliable sources (such as New York Times, Wikipedia, etc.), have harder fonts. Our minds unconsciously matches the websites’s purposes with visuals, and that is why the creation of embedded fonts is so crucial in our websites now.