Dominique Goncalves 9 Design Ideas that Shaped the Internet —Info-graphics I think info graphics are at least one of the most important design ideas that shaped the internet because it allows people, companies, businesses and organizations to easily convey maybe a large amount of information into something much more compact and easy to understand. Info graphics are catchy, fun, and usually very interesting. As the webpage about the design ideas said: Info graphics are just information maps and they help guide the reader to what is really important. Info graphics have been everywhere on the web. They’re easy to click on and get info, and then relay the reader back to the main page for even more info. It is obvious, to me, why info graphics are important but just a little difficult to list out the reasons why. But the list of reasons why from helps out: 1. It makes info more appealing, 2. It shows valuable ideas, 3. It is attention-grabbing, 4. It is easier to understand, 5. It lessens boredom, 6. It awakens one’s interest, 7. It is accessible, 8. It is more persuasive, 9. It is memorable, 10. It can easily relay info ( Through different ways of displaying the info, instead of one chart or graph, with different colors and fonts, the whole info graphic becomes appealing. Making colors pop and fonts stand out, allows the info graphic to grab your attention. In all, info graphics being one of the important ideas to shape the Internet have highly impacted the relay of information across the web. Information can be spouted out quickly to a large group of people in one image since all the information on an info graphic is very compact but simplified as well, making it very easy to understand. I think info graphics are really important for all these reasons and even because of the information I have been able to come across while researching ideas on many different platforms. I have, myself, found info graphics to be very helpful in finding information quickly.