I believe that the GIFS simple ability to hold our attention has been its key to longevity and potential as a medium. I would first like to state that questioning the validity of a medium often is a form of elitism. GIFs may be seen as “low-brow” or “low-art” because of their relations\ to internet and computers arts, but they are most definitely a valid medium for art-making. When one is making a GIF, they are consciously making creative and imaginative decisions in order to create a piece of visual work. I, personally, do not understand why the validity of GIFs as a medium of art was ever brought into questions. I feel that the only people that would even questions this are the same type of people that feel as though painting, drawing, and classical sculpture are the only true forms of art-making. Personally, I want to explore gifs as a means of documentation.  My art-making mostly comes in the form of wearable sculptures and the most challenging aspect of my craft is deciding the manner in which I should document them, consequently, deciding how these pieces should live. My pieces are created for me or others and are activated by my body or others’ bodies. Subsequently, they cannot live off of these bodies. Presentation on a mannequin or off the body are inadequate presentations of said work. For an installation/ performance/ interactive piece I created, in which I covered the the four walls and floor of a room with wallpaper and dressed four female performers in dresses made of wallpaper, I decided to document the piece by GIF because I found that the medium best mimicked the audience’s perspective of the piece. I truly believe that GIF have real potential as a medium of art surpassing that of perceived kitschy nature. And I look forward to continue using GIFs and dynamic form of documentation.