I believe that Emoticon is the most important factor as an interface through Internet, because I use it everyday without even knowing, and it destroys the seriousness when it's need to be. Emoticon shows rather more accurate "emotions" which hand gestures and face delivers do in real life communication among people. The accurate understanding is very important in human communication, which allows people to become friendly with other valuable people who might help you in many different ways. For example, Emoticon helps giving the appropriate tone, which changes the meaning even if the sentences are the same. For instance, if I was texting my girlfriend while I should focus on my work, I would put some emoticons that shows how much I feel sorry about not being able to focus on her. After she sees the emoticon, she would understand that how much I feel sorry for her, so she would not be mad for not being able to focus on her for that moment, which means my tone has been delivered appropriately. Yet, other 9 communication methods shown in the websites are important as a factor too: Graphic design gives simple yet precise message that allows people to create easily without much preparations, GIF helps people to express (or create) movement easily on their computer, User-Centered Design helps people to know the idea of people's shape through computer (and becomes A.I), Infographics illustrates the point simple yet clear (usually used in company). Nevertheless, I personally think a smooth relationship among people is the most important key factor in this world since no one can do a big project alone. I won't say that emoticon is the answer for smoothening the relationships, but it sure can help doing so, and it can make you feel like you are texting with the person, not the robot.